When is the AP Stylebook published?

The spiral-bound AP Stylebook is published each year in the spring. The ISBN for the 2016 AP Stylebook is 978-0-917360-63-3 and it is available now.

The 2017 edition is scheduled to publish in May 2017. Please check our website to order the new edition in May. We will offer a reminder for your calendar on the front page of APStylebook.com in early 2017.

Basic Books publishes a perfect-bound paperback AP Stylebook every other year. On years when Basic Books publishes a Stylebook, it is nearly identical to the AP version, without some information about AP filing practices. It also omits our back-of-book index. This version is sold via retail bookstores, both online and bricks and mortar, under the Perseus imprint.

·Basic Books currently offers the 2015 AP Stylebook (ISBN: 978-0-465-06294-2 and did not publish a 2016 edition.

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