Do you offer discounts to the military, schools or nonprofits?

We do not offer a military discount, educational discount or nonprofit discount. We try to hold our prices down to be affordable for all our customers and keep the pricing simple.

We do offer several discounts to our customers including:

  • 20 percent off the spiral-bound book when you sign up for automatic delivery each spring
  • 20 percent off Stylebook Online when you sign up for automatic renewal each year
  • 20 percent off when you renew most of our subscription services
  • Half off Stylebook Online when you buy it with a spiral-bound book
  • Decreasing prices per user as you add more users on Stylebook Online, Stylebook & Webster’s New World Online, Lingofy and StyleGuard
  • Discounts on Stylebook Online for ACES, AAJA, PRSA and RTDNA members

To take advantage of these discounts, opt in on our order form. If you have questions about applying any discount, contact our customer support team.

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If you need further assistance, contact us online or call 1-800-353-6798.
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