Concurrent-user site license issues

With a concurrent-user license, you give us your IP address, which identifies the network your organization uses to access the internet, and we will set up a custom URL for you like, which anyone using the internet on your IP range can use without a username or password.

You don't have to add individual users so it's easier to administer. You only pay for the number of people who will use Stylebook Online at the same time.

Users can only access Stylebook Online from your designated IP range, so they can't get in from outside your location. They also can't add notes and entries or get email notifications about Stylebook changes, because they don't have individual accounts.

That's different from a named-user site license, where, you add your users in an administrative tool and they each create a username and password to log in. Users can log in from work, from home, on their phones on the go, wherever they like. They can add their own entries and notes on AP Stylebook entries, and they can opt in to emails when we add or update entries.

With both kinds of site licenses, your administrator can add custom entries and notes that all users on your site license can see.

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