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AP Stylebook e-book
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The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law is available as an interactive e-book.

Basic Books, which also publishes the perfect-bound print AP Stylebook sold in retail outlets, is distributing the AP Stylebook e-book.

The e-book's search makes it faster and easier to find a relevant style rule. Now journalists, students, public relations professionals and other writers and editors can have style guidance at the ready at all times by loading the Stylebook on your portable device.

The 2016 AP Stylebook includes about 250 new or revised entries. Now internet and web are lowercase, and the 2016 Stylebook includes 50 new and updated technology terms, 36 new and updated entries in the food chapter, eight new and updated entries in the fashion chapter and much more. A comprehensive, dynamic index helps users quickly find words and definitions, supplementing the e-book's search with concepts and themes users might look for.

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